Bus & roof terrace


SpeculativeArtificialIntelligence - performative aesthetic experiment (2018)
*JU.PI.TER* - dance performance (2018)
MagicDrink - repetitive performance (2018)
Klang·Netz - audiovisual installation (2017)
la bodega - performance (2015)


performative aesthetic experiment (2018)


SpeculativeArtificialIntelligence - Performance


dance performance (2018)


*JU.PI.TER* - Performance

*JU.PI.TER* - Performance

*JU.PI.TER* - Performance


repetitive performance (2018)


MagicDrink - Performance

MagicDrink - Performance


audiovisual installation (2017)

KlangNetz - audiovisuelle installation

KlangNetz - Kreuzungspunkt

KlangNetz - Kreuzungspunkt

The audiovisual installation consists of a hanging, tunnel like, net of led-stripes. Visitors can enter the installation. Every intersection of the LED stripes is linked to a sound. When a light impulse reaches an intersection, it triggers the sound and the pulse is split. A chain reaction of light and sound spreads into the room.
The room installation itself becomes an instrument, which sounds different at each location depending on the hanging - the crossing points are never identical. Light and sound interact, in that no medium dominates the other, but both react to each other.


performance (2015)

LaBodega Front View

LaBodega Mirror

LaBodega Roling on the Floor

LaBodega Dance

Welcome, dear passenger, on a voyage through a surreal landscape. Meet us, let us touch you, let yourself fall. Let us guide you to a reality concealed behind the obvious. Allow yourself a moment of repose, a moment of presence with your self, a moment free from the constant demand to think.

LaBodega is a 10 minute introverted and exclusive performative installation designed for a single audience member. LaBodega invites each guest into the interior of a modified 12-meter antique bus, a hidden world. In order to be shielded from the outside world, our guest receives headphones, through which the live soundscape is heard.
With each step the interior expands and contracts as new spaces and characters are revealed to the traveller.
LaBodega is a total sensory experience in which the guest forms a symbiosis with the actors and is invited to form a new awareness of the self in relation to space, time, movement and human encounter.

LaBodega is the cargo hold of our imagination, a bag of tricks constantly surprising us without ever revealing its depths.